Doctor, Doctor my wee has turned blue!

I am new to this blogging business but am sure that the tone of each blog is very dependant on your mood at the time of writing. I guess that is true for life in general? I know my close friends can probably tell at 50 paces what sort of mood I’m in, and generally that’s a good thing. None of us are robots with the same repertoire of facial expressions and emotions day in and day out. Somebody, somewhere once said ‘your mood shouldn’t dictate your manners’ but lets face it, it probably does. Anyway, today I am feeling particularly buoyant and happy with life. It’s been a rather chaotic few weeks, but all that is done and dusted, and life has finally slipped back into place. As a consequence I wanted to write something a little more lighthearted and maybe even put a smile (or at least a smirk) on your face*.
_46182689_urinespl Not so long ago I saw a middle aged chap in my surgery who came to see me with a story of blood in his urine. Understandably he was extremely anxious about this. Being the thorough and careful clinician that I am, I spent some time questioning him about his waterworks, general health and so forth. After examining him and checking his urine (my 10 minute time slot may have been somewhat stretched by this point) he confessed that he had eaten a fair amount of beetroot that night before. Could this have been to blame?? Well the quick answer was ‘yes’. He did end up being fully checked out for any other causes for this mysterious ‘blood’ in his wee – but as everything came back entirely normal I could only reassure him to beware of beetroot in future!

Beetroot may be the most well know food to influence the colour of your urine, but it is by no means the only thing in your cupboard to do so. Here is a quick round up of other culprits to be aware of!
Dark yellow or orange urine: carrots and multivitamins that contain Vitamin B and Vitamin C

Green urine: asparagus…. also gives wee quite a distinct ‘whiff’

Greeny/Blue Urine: food colourings, multivitamins, many medications including the anti-inflammatory indomethacin (typically used for gout) or the commonly prescribed drug amitriptyline.

Pink or Red Urine: beetroot, blackberries, rhubarb and laxatives including senna

Brown/Tea-coloured Urine: Rhubarb, Fava beans (often used in middle-eastern cooking), Aloe (often taken as a health supplement), the antibiotic nitrofurantion (commonly used for urinary infections), some antimalarials and some laxatives.

485287_77207663*My motive for this topic may also be something to do with sprog 1 and 2 finding anything to do with wee or poo utterly hilarious and this juvenile lavatorial humor – wholeheartedly encouraged by husband needless to say – is rubbing off on me!


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  1. You did put a smile on my face! I bet other readers are smiling too…..


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