How to tell if you are going through the menopause

Its fair to say that I’m a girls-girl. Not that I don’t enjoy male company; I can appreciate the subtleties of the six nations or the crescendo of a test match with the best of them. But when push comes to shove, an evening with my best ladies never fails to hit the spot. I grew up in a female-heavy household, and have somehow been lucky enough to always  be surrounded by close groups of amazing girls. Its a long held cliche that women like to talk, and I think in the main is it a true stereotype. As we get older the topics may change, but mulling things over with the women in your life guarentees to make things a bit brighter. So this one is going out to the girls….read it and most definitely talk about it.




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  1. Having had an endometrial ablation 5 years ago it is hard to tell if I’m perimenopausal. I definitely have vaginal dryness but have been using YES organic lubricants since the age of 42 as they make sex feels so much better. I have chest pains which have been investigated and my GP says they aren’t hormonal, not sure if this is true. Good advice about this period on one’s life is important but GPs are often so vague about symptoms. Every woman has a different menopause and symptoms, some sail through it, others suffer a great deal. Hopefully the new menopause guidelines will help women get the right treatment. I wrote this article in response to the menopause being depicted as this terrible time in women’s lives in the media to help other women face it with a positive attitude and find ways to overcome some of their symptoms. It’s been published 5 times now on a variety of websites as journalists seem to like it! This is the most recent one


    1. Thanks so much for your comment & link to your article. V interesting and such an important area. Think it’s something that we clinicians often overlook but really liked your ‘top tips’! Thanks


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