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Snoozing, dozing, 40 winks, napping…..do you get enough?

We all seem to crave more and better quality sleep…but somehow it never seems to happen. I don’t know about you, but by the time the kids are down, I’ve tidied up, have finally completed all the bits and bobs I’ve half attempted to get done all day, its a good 2 hours after my intended bed time. I usually drift off to sleep thinking ‘tomorrow I’ll get a really early night’! Sound familiar? Well if you are interested in learning a little more about healthy sleep take a peek at my recent Patient article here.


Like many of you my antidote to lack of sleep is coffee! Find out more about caffeine and how it affects our shut-eye here!

Things that (shouldn’t) go bump in the night…..

I love this time of the year. I love the crisp cool autumn days, and watching the leaves turn from green to golden brown and an array of reds and russets. I love the fact you get to eat warming comfort food – without feeling gluttonous or greedy. I love the first fire of the year and curling up next to it drinking oozy red wines. But for me one of the best things about this time of the year is all the festivities and celebrations that pave the way to Christmas. One of the great secrets of parenthood is getting to partake in all the kiddie-focused events throughout the year, and Autumn/Winter is jam packed with fun stuff to do. My mum is Austrian, so we get to throw in a load of continental traditions alongside the usual British ones for an even more turbo charged (and saccharine fuelled) few months! halloween

Today is Halloween, which to me marks the start of the nonstop eating fest that finally grinds to a halt on January 2nd (never the 1st clearly, as it’s a bank holiday and therefore not to be wasted by being wholesome and chaste). Now Sprog1 is four he ‘gets’ Halloween and has been very excited about dressing up and wandering the streets begging for sugar hits for some weeks. Since today is about all things that go bump in the night, I thought it rather apt to briefly chat about ‘night terrors’ which can affect around 3-6% of children but is probably more terrifying for parents than the offspring. Continue reading →

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